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Secure Now: Securing Access
Making online security easier and safer

Passwords are a problem:
People forget their passwords, they even forget their usernames.
They write their password down where others can see it.
They share it.
They use something so mind boggling simple that it can be guessed      easily.

The fact is that most people struggle to remember a strong password, so they use an easy one.
So let us introduce the Secure Now authentication method

Passwords on Demand
1. Plug your token in and get taken to your website
2. Receive a text message with your password different every time
3. Log on no username or password to remember. Easy!

And it is secure because if someone steals your token and tries to use it, you get
an alert on your phone. There is no password if the token is not plugged in so it
cannot be hacked! And if someone steals your phone, you know about it
immediately, not at the end of the month when the bills come in.
For further security, a username and password can be added to give Two Factor
Authentication easily and economically.

And it can be used just about anywhere...
 Use it to secure your website
 Use it to secure your communications and files
 Strengthen your single sign on at work with second factor authentication
 Use it to implement second factor protection on your ecommerce site and
protect your customers
 Allow safe, controlled remote access by contactors
 Improve parental control
...and much more.